February 26-28, March 1

Sorry for the boring post title, and sorry for the late start!

So, I am Jamie Sichel, and I decided it would be fun to blog about the experiences of they day as well as share the pictures I’ve taken.

Eli and Brandon with their 4,000 year old pot handles.

I will start with Day 1: The Plane

We all arrived at the airport at 8:00pm and said a very teary goodbye to friends and family. Of course we were seen off by Sim, who thought it might be fun to whip out his accordion in the middle of the atrium at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and have us dance and sing…he was right; it was fun. The flight was full of trivia games, movies, plenty of snoring, and the occasional bathroom break (or in some cases frequent – but let us not dwell on small bladders.) Finally we landed, got our bags no problem, and got ourselves on the bus, and arrived at the Alexander Muss High School in Israel campus. We met our madrichim (basically camp counselors), Nurit (new-reet) and Ofir (oh-feer) – I’m sure I’ll get made fun of for phonetically spelling their names, but hey, I’m willing to take that shame. Finally we got to go to bed after unpacking and orientation, and that was the end of Day 1.

Micah and Adam on the bus after the flight. Daniel and Raelle exhausted after a long flight.

Day 2: Classes and talking.

Yes, classes and talking. A lot of talking. Rules, orientation, meals, meetings, and of course, classes. As one of the lucky ones who only has to take two classes while here (Math and English), so my day was much shorter than say, Rebecca Edelston’s, who takes all four classes (Math, English, Science, and Spanish) – ha ha Becca. I’m kidding…not really. Anyway, we met all of our teachers and got a lot of work assigned, and had a bit of free time until our madrichim came to us and told us that we were going out into town – to Hod HaSharon. We explored the town and got food with the help of our friendly tour guides Nurit and Ofir – I had the most delicious shwarma I’ve ever had the pleasure to consume. It was amazing. Seriously. So good. I’ve yet to have some falafel, though (I know, I know, crazy, right?), I should be getting some soon – I’m sure by the end of three months I’ll be all falafeled out. We were given tips on what cereals to buy, where to eat, how to cross the street without dying, ect. A side note: The drivers here are NUTS. The dogs too – they’re all suicidal. We went to the mall, which was…well, like a mall. Except the store signs are in Hebrew; amusing at first, but after you get over that you realize it’s all the same junk that you can get anywhere else all over the world.

Day 3: Our first Tiyul!

A tiyul, for those of you who might not know, is a field trip. The days when we’re not in class we’re on tiyulim, learning about history as well as hiking, swimming, bus riding, eating, you name it. We went on a mini-tiyul, which was only for a half a day; we went to Tel Gezer, an ancient city where the Canaanites once lived, worshiped penises, and sacrificed their young. The city is believed to have been conquered by King Solomon, according to ruins found there as well as biblical citations. But enough of that. We walked around in gorgeous weather and learned about Abraham and the topography of Israel. After that we got back to campus, had free time (aka nap time), and then we had a free night, where we got to explore some other towns, like Kfar Saba, and walked around yet another mall (yeah, malls are boring in every country, by the way), and then came back and passed out šŸ™‚

Yossi showing us a stone tablet written in ancient Hebrew. The boys lining up as protectors of the penis god.

Well, that’s a not-so-quick summary of our first three days. In case you’ve never used a blog before, you are welcome to leave comments and ask as many question as you’d like – I’ll try to check comments daily and answer whatever question’s you’ve got.

Thanks for reading! Check back daily for updates – I’ll do my best to keep up.


10 Responses to “February 26-28, March 1”

  1. Cheryl Miller Says:

    Thanks so much for the blog. Your detail fills in a lot of gaps (no offense Max). shalom

  2. Grandpaverby Says:

    Hi Jamie. Mother sent me the website to keep up with your experiences whle in Israel. I knew Alexander Muss,his son and soninlaw. It is great to read all about the experience your group is having in Israel. We will keep up with your daily reports.

  3. Doryn Chervin Says:

    Jamie: This blog is great. It is terrific to have this kind of detail.


  4. Jennifer Sichel Says:

    jamie… you rock. keep up the blogging, i love reading about your adventures when i should be reading french texts on minor artists… :o)

  5. wendy klarman Says:

    Thank you Jamie. What a great idea!

  6. Becca E. Says:

    thanks for the shout out, jamie! ha. well at least ill come out of this trip smarter than you. haha. what a joke. o well. back to my ten hours of classes that i have today.

  7. cherson Says:

    remember to tell jeremy to eat his vegetables!!!

  8. Grandpa Verby Says:

    Hi Jamie. What a thrill reading your reports. Nanny and I sat at the computer reading your comments. We got a kick out of Jens response. Israel is just an unbeleavable experience for you. We will keep looking for your daily comments on life at the Alexander Muss High School

  9. Lindsay Gerson Says:

    Jamie! How did you do this? Why are you so much more talented than me..its not really fair and its really starting to get to me. Anyways, hope youre having an amazing time. Sounds like you are. Enjoy it and be safe! See you back in the ‘hood!

  10. Grandpaverby Says:

    Jamie it is a thrill to read your reporting the daily events. Nanny and I feel as though we are there with you. While in California we have attended fund raising dinners for the Technion University At the events we have met Israeli students. They are all so very dilligent with their studies and goals.
    Jennifer we love you too.

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