March 2

Hello again, happy readers (all 2 of you – hi mom and dad)

Ready to hear about day number four?

Today we had our first full day tiyul! We went hiking, swimming, walking, and shopping all before 3:00pm. Amazing, ain’t it?

Why, look at that!

We started off the day at 5:30am. As one of the two luckiest people on the program, I was honored with the job of toran on the first week along with Daniel Bressler! This means we get to take out the trash, carry the canteens on hikes, prepare bag lunches, and, best of all, WAKE EVERYONE UP! It was a pleasure, let me assure you. We ate a nice breakfast in the dining hall then headed for the bus. Our first destination was Har Gilboah, or Mt. Gilboa for you silly Americans. We drove up the mountain and began to hike down the slippery slope in an attempt to beat the rain. We didn’t. As we saw the giant gray plumes overhead, we promptly turned around and hiked back up, as the upward hike was much safer in the slippery weather than the hike down. As we sat and gazed at the view from the top of the mountain, Yossi told us the story of King Saul, and how he and his son Yonatan fell in battle on the very mountain on which we sat. After hearing the news of the King’s and his dearest friend’s death, David, the soon to be king, cursed the mountain top on which they perished. He then pointed at a barren peak of the mountain and said to us, “Nothing grows there to this day.” It was an amazing experience, to stand on the very ground our biblical kings and heroes once did.

Mt. Gilboa Smile!
We then headed to the Sachne Springs (sachne is Arabic for warm), voted one of the top ten best “off the beaten path” places to visit. We took a dip in the wonderfully warm water and ate lunch. It wasn’t all fun and games, though; two people left with near-fatal wounds they got from stepping on a sharp rock (*coughMattKillipcough*). Nah, he’s okay – he did cut up his foot, though.

After the Springs we got back on the bus and watched Braveheart. After being invigorated by the sight of severed limbs and kilts, we arrived in Natanya and took a quick stroll on the beach. We attempted a cute photo that didn’t quite come out, and some of us snuggled our feet in the sand. And by some of us I mean me and David T.

My beautiful foot. David and the ocean.
Next we hopped back on the bus and headed to, you guessed it, ANOTHER MALL! We split up and walked around and ate. Oh, how we ate. A group went to Papagaio’s – a kosher Brazillian steakhouse all-you-can-eat-meat-fest – where they all got very stuffed and had much gas on the way back to Muss. I went to eat a delicious bit of sushi with Micah, Amanda, and Adam. Mmm…

Ostrich riding.  It's the new polo. ...ahoy?
And finally we end up here, with me at the computer, sitting and typing this. Tomorrow won’t be too exciting, so don’t expect a post. Although, it will be our first Shabbat and a day of classes. We’ll see how Shabbat goes 🙂

Jamie out.


9 Responses to “March 2”

  1. Jody Steinberg Says:

    Thanks for starting this blog and for sharing it with us – you are an excellent writer!
    I would like to post a link to it on the Weber site, if that’s o.k.
    Also, have you posted photos? I thought I saw a couple when I was going to the page, but when I got there, cannot see them. Please mention in the post if there are photos, so we can know to look for them.
    thanks so much!!

  2. Joanne Lipshutz Says:

    Ms. Nation passed your website onto us.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I felt like I was there with you.
    Hope you have/had a Shabbat Shalom.
    Mrs. Lipshutz
    (aka) Mrs. L
    (aka) Joanne

  3. Miss Vann Says:

    Hey Jahhhhmmmeeeee!

    I am so happy to read that all is well and that you are enjoying yourself. The pictures aren’t making it through to me, no matter what I do, but we all know that my technical prowess is…um…lacking. Keep safe and I look forward to reading about more Jahmee adventures. Give everyone my warmest regards.
    Miss Vann

  4. Señora Lerner Says:

    Jamie! So cool! This is the first blog I have ever read. Thanks for sharing!! I’m jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Miss Pierce Says:

    Hi Jamie Sichel! Glad you are having such a wonderful time. As for the pictures…I couldn’t see them at work, but could see them at home, it is nice to see everyone is having a good time and you are still enjoying your sushi even in Israel. Tell everyone I am thinking of them…

    Miss Pierce

  6. Ms. Arnold Says:

    Hey Jamie! Your foot photograph reminded me of the seven sinly hands. Let me know of the artwork you see and create while you’re there. Miss yall!

  7. Ellen Sichel Says:

    I knew you were an amazing kid, but this tops it off. Now I know what you do with your life upstairs on the computer. It is definitely put to good use! Love you, Mom

  8. Jennifer Sichel Says:

    oh sister… you’re so great. let me count the ways… oh wait, everyone else has.

    love you.

  9. Becca E. Says:

    J. face, the beach was in Netanya, not Tel Aviv! silly girl.

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