March 3-4

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, DAY SIX! Hoorah!


Yes, that's what you think it is.  The walk to the park was truly furtive.

Yesterday was full of fun as we went to the park. First we took a 30 minute walk, singing along the way. And when I say singing, I mean SINGING. We began by going through our repitoir of Hebrew songs; realizing that we didn’t know enough to last us the whole way, we repeated a few “Yesh Li Eretz Tropit Yafah”s and “Yachad”s, then switched to singing Beatles songs. Ofir, one of our madrichim, taught us a few lyrics in Hebrew and showed us which fruits to pick from the trees growing on the side of the road. It’s not illegal. I swear. And fresh kumquats are delicious. As are grapefruits. Mmm…

) Max and Noah...battling?

Anyway, we got to the park and there we sunbathed, played some games, and just plain ol’ chatted. I participated in a hearty game of ultimate frisbee (and yes, I both caught AND threw the frisbee as well as scored a goal! I know, I know, I’m awesome), while Adam Levinson juggled and Becca G did some gymnastics. Oh! And Jacob called Micah “Mom.” See? Some of us DO miss our parents 🙂

Ultimate Frisbee! Sunbathing

Too soon was it time to go, and again we picked fruit and sang on our trek back to campus. Upon arrival we showered off and got ready for a day full on fun and festivities: PURIM! Being the cheapskates we all are, all of us opted to make costumes rather than purchase them. I myself was a Ninja Turtle (Donatello, if you must know) along with Matty, Micah, and Amanda (Raphael, Michealangelo, and Leonardo respectively). A few of the boys were girls, Jared was a certain someone from last year’s trip, Noah and Max were Gilligan and the Skipper, and Beth Halpern even made an appearance! We went to hear the magillah be read (I read chapter 7! It pays off to have some things memorized ;)) , and then proceeded to boogie down until midnight, when we went off to our dorms exhausted to chat a little and sleep.

The Ninja Turtles!  Me, Amanda, Matty, and Micah. Gilligan and the Skipper!  Noah and Max :)
Boogie down. Ms. Halpern with a Panda!  Oh wait...that's just Daniel and Raelle.

Today I woke everyone up for the last time (my toran duty is over!!!), we made some sandwiches, packed our bags and headed to the bus. We drove to Tel Aviv, where we were to attend the “Ad Sh’Lo Yodeah” (Until You Don’t Know – It’s a mitzvah on Purim to drink until you don’t know the difference between Haman and Mordechai; don’t worry, don’t worry, we didn’t fulfill that mitzvah!) parade. The theme was from around the world – very reminiscent of a trip to Disney World. I believe I saw about 300 kids in Dragon Ball Z outfits and 500 more in Naruto outfits (I bet he used the Shadow Clone jutsu! Ha ha, if you got that, I pity you.) We were nearly sprayed with silly string and I ate the most delicious popsicle. Oh! And Carly FINALLY ate the grapefruit she’d been saving for two days.

The festival! Carly and her grapefruit.

And now I end here, writing this, being called to our big seudah – the Purim feast. I shall return afterward to write about it, so fear not.

I’m back, so you can stop worrying. The “feast” wasn’t too much of a feast – pizza, pasta, salad, and strawberries and cream. And that’s about it! I will link to an album of all the Purim costumes as soon as I get them up 🙂

Jamie out.


10 Responses to “March 3-4”

  1. Sheryl Rechtman Says:

    Thanks for the details. This is much more than I’ll ever get out of Joel. Keep writing!

  2. Debbie Levinson Says:

    Jaimie- I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I think your parents are having a bit of trouble coping with you gone. Obviously, you were the one keeping everything together at home. Last night they were spotted in matching leather outfits at a Jewish function!

  3. Jennifer Sichel Says:

    Now, Mrs. Levinson, I don’t know you very well, but that image is absolutely horrifying!

    Jamie… what are they doing without us???

  4. Rabbi G Says:

    Thanks for the comments and great Purim photos! Now, to the tune of “if I were a rich man:” If I were a techie, I’d know how to post my photos so you could see us, too!

    I am tearing up (w/ joy) that you read the 7th perek. I only hope that you will find an opportunity to teach some mishnayot of Sanhedrin, too.

    We miss you! My couch has been empty for days.
    Love to your classmates,
    Rabbi G

  5. Miss Vann Says:


    Hi. I love the pictures. Everyone looks so happy! (And, yes, I like reading your words, as well.) Life here is good. Today is Tik Day and we are finally putting in the garden. Please let Daniel B. know that I am not a total failure in that regard. Love and good wishes to all.

  6. Mindi Bressler Says:

    Jamie – Great update! Echoing Sheryl’s comments – much more information than Daniel would ever provide.

    Who’s that cutie in the green dress with the red hair? Ginger, the movie star? That must be Mary Ann along side. My complements to the hair stylist!

    Have fun and keep the information coming! Thanks – Mindi

  7. Jane Levinson Says:

    Hi Jamie, This blog is the bomb!! Keep it up. It makes us at home feel like we’re there with you all! Hi to all. Misss ya. Love,J

  8. Lindsay Gerson Says:

    About catching AND throwing the frisbee..did you learn that from me.. or just doo doo balls? Just curious.

  9. Jennifer Sichel Says:

    no, lindsay, i think she learned that from me… :o)

  10. Jamie Says:

    Ha, right, learned it from you and your amazing hand-eye coordination skills, Jenn 🙂

    And I think the doodyballs helped with catching things are are PAINFUL, as frisbees often are 😛

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