April 3-7

Okay, alright, fine, you beat it out of me. I’ll do a post, happy?

Just telling you though, it ain’t gonna be terribly exciting, because, well, even though this break has been wonderful, restful, and a lot of fun…well – fine, I don’t have a good excuse, I’ll just see how much there is to tell.

At the grill!

So, let’s see here. April 3rd. Nevermind, I can’t go day-by-day, I don’t remember what happened specific days. Wait, I forgot about the seder. The seder was awesome. There were about 20 people there, and we all sat around a huge table. We did a pretty short seder, which I think was also due to the fact that the entire thing was in Hebrew, so we didn’t have to say everything twice. The meal was great. The matzo balls were a little small, but hey, that’s how some people make ’em (mom, don’t tell, but I like your soup best). The main course was every type of meat you could think of (mom, don’t tell, but I like your brisket best), and, because our family does it the Sephardic way, a few types of rice, too. My favorite part I think was the dessert, though – it was amazing, even if you don’t take into consideration that it was kosher for Pesach. There were these frozen chocolate cakey thingies…oh, wow, they were so good. Mmm…Anyway, so, it was nice, but, well, having a seder with someone else’s family isn’t quite the same as having it with your own.

At the seder table. Amanda, Tal, Me, and Becca at the mall.

The next day we hung out, I guess – it’s hard to remember. I think we went to the stables to see Tal, the older of the two daughters in the Shiller household. She was there practicing for a competition that was to take place Friday and Saturday. We watched her spin her horse around and do these sliding stops – it was really interesting. I fed the horsies some carrots, too – Rachel, Tal’s horse, is the number one horse in Israel (at least in her category I think…I just know the horse itself won first in all Israel for something). So, we spent some of the day doing that, then me, Amanda, and Tal went to get some ice cream and to play at the arcade at the mall. The best thing about it was: The Burger King in the mall is kosher for Pesach. Everything is for that matter! I had a chicken nugget breaded with matzo meal and fries fried in some alternative oil. I love it!

Amanda and Rachel, Tal's prize-winning horse. 00am.

The next day we had a grill with the boys. It was a huge meal with tons of meat and other delicious num-nums.

Jeremy enjoying his meat. Micah, Adam, and David goofing around.

The next day or a day soon after we went to the mall in Raanana and hung out and shopped. One of the days we just hung out at the house – I worked out a little and swam while Becca tanned and Amanda got some work done. We went into Tel Aviv one day, saw the movie Beaufort (pretty intense and very good – if it happens to ever come to the States, I suggest seeing it) another, and yesterday I rode a horse in the morning! Oh, and Tal and Dana did well at their competition – Dana came in third! Last night there were guests at the house. Well, a guest. Right now it is 8:30am and I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Matt and Tomer who will be staying with us until we go back to Muss on Tuesday. I should have an update for you then. Until then, here are some promised pictures of the gorgeous Shiller house.

The front of the Shiller house. The Shiller's infinity pool.

The pool! The stables in the backyard.



7 Responses to “April 3-7”

  1. Grandpaverby Says:

    Jamie I was happy to learn that you approve of your Mothers cooking. It happens that I know her teacher well. Your Mom was not very happy with horses. It was her least enjoyable activity at camp. The Shiller house is awsome. I do not think of people living in a luxury enviorment in Israel. I am delighted that you have the oportunity to visit them. I understand there is a website on Kodak Easy Share. Let us know the address so we can see them. The spring holiday is over and it is back to normal now. We love you.

  2. Ellen Sichel Says:

    We both know that I cook about six items very well, and you have hit on two of them! Thanks for the compliment. Glad you had a good break. Acutally, it seems that your entire trip is a big break! Have fun.
    Love, Mom

  3. Robert Sichel Says:

    All we need is to hear from Jennifer.

    Your description of passover in Israel with a Sephardic family is fascinating. It is comforting to once again realize that regardless of whether Israeli, Diaspora, Ashkenazi or Sephardic, food will always be a central theme.


  4. Jenn Sichel Says:

    okee dokee… my turn.

    i learn so much from your blog. i didn’t know (a) that mom didn’t like horseback riding at summer-camp or (b) that dad is somehow strangely comforted by the continuity of food throughout the jewish world, even though we don’t eat rice on passover, or keep it for that matter.

    so, yup, that’s all i’ve got for now.

    hey, and guess what dad, we ate food on passover in western Massachusetts too!

  5. Miss Vann Says:


    Sorry to be gone so long. My hijacked wireless at home failed me and I was unable to read your bloggin’. Today is the first day back at Weber post-Passover and the halls seem so empty without you and the others that you took with you. Even Barry can’t make enough noise to compensate, try as he might. Give my warmest regards to all.

    Miss Vann

    PS: I’ll move to Israel tomorrow if I can have a cool house like that! (Superficial reasoning, I know!)

  6. Marianne Fixelle Says:

    So sorry I did not get to see you while I was in Israel. Everyone was scattered… I hope Noah delivered your mom’s care package in good yet slightly crushed shape. My trip was wonderful but way to short. You guys are soooo lucky to be there for 3 months. Enjoy each and every moment.
    Keep on blogging. I truly look forward to your accounts.
    Love and hugs to all

  7. Jody Steinberg Says:

    As Ms. Vann said, it’s just not the same without you guys here — too quiet! But your artwork in the hallways reminds us of your presence.
    I’ve been to Israel numerous times and seen nice homes, but nothing as nice as the Shillers’. The view from the back looks spectacular. Are those stables actually at the home? How wonderful of them to host a group of you for the whole Pesach holiday, and how lucky that you guys landed there. BTW, while you were swimming, we were freezing in Atlanta!
    The real question about that all-Hebrew Seder is, How much did y’all understand, and who said the Four Questions? Did you like having one less day of Pesach? Did they have a mimona for last night?
    And finally, could you get us the recipe for those yummy KFP frozen choclate cakey thingies?
    If y’all have a photo website, could you post the link so we can all enjoy it? thanks, and keep on blogging.

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