April 8-11

I’d first just like to apologize. I’ve been slacking.

That said, I will not be able to provide you all with pictures for this post yet. Today we have an all-day tiyul and then go to Yokniam for the weekend to stay with host families. I will tell you all about it upon my return on Sunday.

Anyway, the post:

The last few days at the Shiller house were a lot of fun. Matt and Tomer came to join the mix, and we swam, played games, and watched a whole lot of movies. The last night of Pesach we were invited to a very Sephardic feast with borekas, tons of odd candies, and other delicious pastries…all of which I couldn’t eat due to food allergies. Those Sephardim love to use nuts in everything! Anyway, we sat a little awkwardly at the party, then made our way home. On the way we stopped and bought pita and hummus, and at 11:30 in the evening we sat down to eat a nice big dinner, steaks, pitas, hummus, and other yummies included. I like eating late!

The next day we came back to Muss. Now, I do miss living in the cozy Shiller house with their nice food and really cool pool, but there is something good about coming back to be with all my friends here. Upon arrival we all sat and chatted about our breaks, and, believe it or not, everyone seemed to have fun. I got an adorable care-package from my mother along with a beautiful gift from Mrs. Fixelle (thank you both so much!), and the evening we returned we had a friendly matza tower building competition. The girls of course won with our spectacular rendition of the Eiffel Tower.

Yesterday we had classes, and it was, well, not very much fun. After classes I napped, did a little work, should have written this blog, and then, finally, went to see 300. I enjoyed the movie very much, although not quite as much as I had anticipated.

And now I’m here, writing this right before I run to grab some food at breakfast. I’ll tell you all about our weekend on Sunday, as well as add pictures to this post.

Sorry everyone!



6 Responses to “April 8-11”

  1. Marianne Fixelle Says:


    I am still on Israeli time as you tell tell by the time posted. I have been up for a few hours now. So glad you received your care packages, I hope you enjoy. Be good and keep writing…

  2. Ellen Sichel Says:

    You do not have to apologize in every post when you are a few days late. We are all very lucky to have you spend the time that you do on this. You have no idea how much it means to us. So, for all of us: THANK YOU.
    Love, Mom

  3. Debbie Levinson Says:

    Hi Jaimie- I have been staring at several boxes of left over matza and cursing Costco for selling that ridiculous size box. But when I read your post about the matza tower building competition, I realized how I could make Leslie’s day when she comes home from school!

    Keep the blog coming- we all love your writing. Debbie

  4. Grandpaverby Says:

    Jamie I agree with your Mom and my daughter. No apology is needed. You are doing a great service to all of us that sign on everyday to keep up todate on your Israeli experence. I for one thank you and the Shillers for keeping us informed and an insight into family life in Israel. I am happy to learn about some families have a decent lifestyle. Love you. Grandpa

  5. Dana Huff Says:

    Jamie, I know I haven’t commented on every post, but I have read every single one. You should consider continuing to blog after you come back to the States. You are a great story-teller! And I’m with everyone else — no need to apologize for not posting each day.

  6. Jenn Sichel Says:

    well, jamie, i think you SHOULD keep apologizing. gah.

    just kidding, love the blog, especially when i should be reading.

    love you.

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