April 12-19

Wow, crazy, it’s been so long since I’ve been able to post.

In my defense, however, it’s been the same amount of time that I’ve been unable to reach a computer.

I shall now tell you about our adventures in Yokniam and Sar-El.

Yokniam, for those of you who’ve never heard of the small town in Israel, is Atlanta’s sister city. Weber has an exchange program with one of the schools there, and a few weeks ago their kids were hosted in Atlanta. Last week we got to visit them, and it was so much fun. Seriously, it was incredible. I stayed with Jacob and Carly at Hila’s house. We got to sleep in, go to shuks, and even have a party where the whole gang got to come together. I’ve gotta say, I really enjoy the Coke at home much more than the Coke here – corn syrup might be more gross than sugar, but it’s just not real Coke without it. The food in Yokniam was also amazing. It was so nice to eat home cooked meals in a foreign country. We got many delicious middle-eastern num-nums and had such a great time there’s a big group of us who wants to go back for their free weekend. We said a very sad goodbye on Saturday night, and went back to Muss – tomorrow we would have classes and immediately be back on the bus and on our way to Mara, part of an army base where we would do a little community service.

So, we woke up, had an excruciating day of classes, and then immediately got on the bus to go to Sar-El. See, I had planned to post after class, which is why I didn’t blog about Yokniam while I was in Yokniam…whatever, doesn’t matter anymore, does it? So, we get to Sar-El, and are immediately comforted when Inbal and Sheilah, our madrichot, tell us this is not Gadnah, and it will not be like Gadnah. Thank goodness. So, we got off the bus, got our rooms, and then got our uniforms. Unlike Gadnah, we got the uniforms that were made for doing work in – they’re pretty nice and comfy. Everything’s much cleaner at Sar-El than it was at Gadnah…Okay, from this point forward I shall not mention the G word again. Immediately we were given a tour and then assigned to a job. I went with a group of 8 to the “Emergency Warehouse” which was neither very warehouse-y nor emergency-like. We sat around and waited for the guy in charge to open a storage thing and then moved cardboard shooting targets in the shape of soldiers out of the storage and into a pile. Whatever, it kept us busy until dinner. The food at Sar-El is…good! The shnitzel was awesome, and today we had some really great rolls (made by Carly, Becca E, and Jeremy). Too bad half of it’s deep-fried…So anyway, the second day I worked at Emergency again (well, slept through it, really), and that night we had an evening activity of trivia (our grade, for the record, should NOT have competitions with one another…) and a very fun match of soccer. The final score was 7-6, my team winning of course. That night we were woken up at 2:30am to a loud knocking on our door. “GET ON YOUR UNIFORMS AND GET OUTSIDE! YOU HAVE FIVE MINUTES!” After tears and whining we finally got everyone out, and definitely not happily. We stood and got our tags to wear on the shoulders of our uniforms…and then went back to bed. We were so tired. So, then next day we switched up our jobs. I went to the parachute building (we’re staying on a paratrooper base – the only one where they train how to parachute) and pulled up parachutes, shook them out, and swept the building. We also got to watch some of the trainings – people jumping off of platforms, others on zip lines pulling out their emergency chutes, and still more jumping out of doorways. Our evening activity was more trivia, but not as bad. See, they were personal questions and when we got one right we got to shove a piece of gum into Daniel’s or Noah’s mouth – it depended on which team you were on. After a lot of laughing and fun we had free time for the night. Today when we awoke we went to the same jobs and for the most part had a lot of free time. We ate lunch, packed up, cleaned up, and finally came back here to Muss until Sunday when we leave again.

I hope this post wasn’t too terrible – sorry for the lack of pictures and details. I have another whole week and a half of Sar-El to report to you all, so worry not, the next should hopefully be better.



6 Responses to “April 12-19”

  1. Brandon Says:


    I only laughed twice during this last post which is far below average. I can say that I am by far your most frequent reader among us Weber students in Israel, but I read for the humor- and only for the humor (as I clearly am in no need of a summarization of what I have been doing). I would however like to remain your most frequent reader, so I am asking you to pick it up slightly in the humor department for next time, or else.


  2. Ellen Sichel Says:

    I too did not laugh outloud as much this time, but I did get quite a laugh when Dad told me that when you were on the phone with him, working with the parachute and you told him you needed an exacto-knife. Parachutes and knives together…what is wrong with this picture??? Not a great idea if you do not want any holes in the parachutes! I did love reading the rest though, as I was going through blog withdrawel.
    Love you, Mom

  3. Doryn Says:

    Fantastic, fantastic. It is always so great to hear what you all are doing and in detail that few of the other kids offer up. THANKS.


  4. Grandpa Verby Says:

    Jamie I am glad that you are back letting us know what is going on with your Israeli experience. We are getting an insight into the life of children in Israel. I know you wil keep reporting the Weber Israel Experience in great style. Nanny I look forward to reading each blog. We love you

  5. Jody Steinberg Says:

    I think it’s time to let Brandon write an entry – and the rest of the Class of 2007, for that matter.
    And what’s up with the photos (or lack thereof)?
    Is there a photo site elsewhere with more pics?
    If y’all manage to arrange the conference call tomorrow, I hope your friends will plug you and your blog. If anyone needs help finding it, it’s linked from the front page of the Weber site.

  6. Miss Vann Says:


    Deep fried num-nums!?!? Sounds wonderful to me, what do you mean “too bad half of it is fried?”

    Life here at Weber is going well. There is the usual scramble for placement next year: AP v. Honors v. CP v. CP2, that usually happens this time of year. They have added calezones to the Weber Lunch Rotation and they are actually quite good…just to continue the food theme.

    I miss you all. Be good and share the love that is Miss Vann.


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