April 25-28

Hooray pictures! Everybody cheer! My computer decided to fix itself – that, or it really likes Tomer and decided it would work only if he booted it up. Either way, I’m happy.

So, I shall begin my post once again with…A PICTURE!

Ready for battle!

We went back to Sar-El and worked – same ol’ same ol’, nothing exciting…until that evening. For our evening activity we were told to meet at the picnic tables in full uniform. Once there, Shelah, one of our Sar-El madrichot, started putting some war paint on our faces and telling us to each grab a gun (aka stick), and we gathered close in a huddle. Ofir walked up, clad in full army gear – boots, uniform, vest, hat; Shelah and Inbal, our other madrichah, were dressed in the same fashion. “Alright soldiers – our goal is to conquer this hill,” Ofir pointed at a hand-drawn map to a blob with some circles inside of it. He then showed us our routes. Apparently we were to go up the shakey line to the red X’s, then cross over the sideways green V’s, and finally get to some black squiggly lines. Apparently this means go up the occupied road to the checkpoint, through a British airfield, and finally storm the hill at the Jordanian border. On the way we needed to keep watch and pick up supplies. We were divided into two groups; the first has two commanders, Ofir and Inbal, while the second had one, Shelah. I was in the latter, and volunteered to be second in command. This meant that when Shelah pounded her fists on her head I was to run up to the front of the line and go next to her, she would tell me exactly what to tell everyone else, and I would turn around and repeat. Truly I had a lot of responsibility. Anyway, we began by training – this is where Gadnah came in handy. We learned how to pazazta yet again, how to crawl, and how to walk in a line and do a sweep of the area. Finally we were on our way. First we covertly ran across the road, when suddenly Shelah fell into a pazazta. The group followed their commander, and we lied there, watchful. She motioned to me and told me that, two at a time, we would enter the airfield ahead. As we entered enemy fire broke out, but we had to get supplies. We got into pazazta and returned fire, covering the two who ran to the helicopter shell (the enemy fire, in case you were wondering, is fake – but the helicopter shell was actually there). When they didn’t return, two more went in after. They came back with the supplies, but yelled something about an injury. After eliminating the enemies, we ran to the helicopter to find Jared wounded, nearly dead. Upon further inspection of the wounded’s weight and the realization that he would have to be carried, Jared was magically healed and suddenly Amanda collapsed, wounded, and was carried by Max. We continued on our way, and finally reached a field where our goal was in sight. After a motion from the other unit, we stormed the hill, throwing grenades and shooting. Finally the hill was captured and the village below safe. Tired from the trials of war, we made our way to some benches to learn a little bit about the Israeli War of Independence. What we had just done was a simulation of that war…no fair, they tricked us into learning. Oh well. I got a glow stick and a bunch of cuts out of the deal, too! I still have some of those battle wounds, actually. Anyway, after that not much happened. We worked again the next day and found some new-born kittens (well, Brandon and his boss did) and then came back to campus.

Becca G and Jacob in their Sar-El uniforms. Adam and Becca E with her bouquet.

Well, apparently the sickness that’s been going around our grade decided it’d have some fun and join the party that is my blood stream. That night I got a vicious cold from which I am still recovering. Maybe it was pity sickness – Raelle and Matty have been sick for a while and I guess I felt bad. Anyway, sick or not, I was still going on my free weekend – I got to go to the Shiller house with Raelle, Daniel, and Tomer. We played in the pool for a little and then went inside to watch some tee-vee. After spending the rest of the afternoon in a catatonic state on their couch watching the dance movie “Step Up” and some tv shows, it was finally evening. I guess the adrenaline kicked in, because both Raelle and I were able to go out with them. We went bowling (I came in second with an 81, Daniel in first with an 87 – in our defense, the lane was crooked, the balls dented, and there was no slippery stuff on the lane) and walked around the mall, then finally retired back to the house. Today was much more laid back. We sat around, watched some movies (the end of Batman Begins, Sin City, and most of Tron), and ate…that’s about it. Now I am back at Muss, my computer works, and I’m uploading photos – hoorah!

RAWR! ...Bressler?

Well, that’s it for now. Tomorrow we go back to Sar-El. Poop.

And just for you guys, I’ll post a bunch of pictures to make up for the ones you didn’t get to see 🙂

In Yokniam at Noa's house. Can you cross just one eye and at the same time make a priceless face?

Our walk in Yokniam. Super Raelle at the super windy beach!

MOHAWK! Raelle, Tomer, and Daniel enjoying their hotdogs.

Max got through that delicious candy coating to the healthy apple center!  Hoorah! Striking a pose on Yom HaAtzmaut.



3 Responses to “April 25-28”

  1. Ellen Sichel Says:

    Jamie- Its Haley-I am at your mom’s house…Great picture-you look great- I can’t beleive you are graduating-CRAZY! Alright, see you soon. Have fun!

  2. Ellen Sichel Says:

    Its me this time. Nice picture… How you end up in charge I will never know. You never tell us how to do things at home !!! By the look at the bowling picture, the lanes look very straight to me. Your description of the bowling lanes and balls sounded like something out of the Flintstones! Take care of yourself. Love you and miss you, Mom

  3. Miss Vann Says:


    Great pictures! What’s up with Bradon L. and David T.? They used to be so smart looking…

    By the way, you look great in uniform. The 10th grade has gone to Boston, so now things are especially quiet here.

    Be good,
    Miss Vann

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