April 28-May 5



I haven’t updated in a long time.  Be nice to me.  Nothing has happened.  Seriously, nothing.  I have no pictures, and very little to tell you.

And, with that incentive, please feel free to read the rest of the post.

So, I didn’t go to Sar-El.  In my defense, neither did Matty.  We stayed back because we were both feeling a little under the weather.  Basically, we sat around, played cards, and plugged our ears while our dorm was stormed by 13-year-old girls.  I wasn’t aware that 8th grade girls just randomly screamed for no reason at all for two hours straight.  Huh.

Anyway, the rest of the group finally came back, and from Sar-El we recieved dog tags, t-shirts, diplomas, and hats.  Woo-hoo 🙂  They’re actually pretty cool.

The rest of the week was filled with learning.  We went into town, went to classes, played cards, colored in coloring books, played gameboy, you name it.  In short: we’re bored.  That should pass once AP exams are over, thank goodness.

Today is part of a free weekend, and most of us stayed back.  Today some people went to the beach, which, when asked if it was fun, Carly responded “yeah, it was pretty fun.”  To fill the time I went on a cleaning spree of my room, colored some postcards I plan to send to my best friend as part of her super-belated birthday present, and did a bunch o’ math homework in preparation for the AP exam on Wednesday.

Alright, I warned you all.  That’s it.  That’s all I’ve got.

Tomorrow we have classes and a Lag Ba’Omer celebration – so there should be something to post about 🙂



4 Responses to “April 28-May 5”

  1. Marianne Fixelle Says:

    It is always good to hear from you Jamie, even if there is not much to post. Hope you are feeling well! Best of luck to all on their upcoming exams and AP’s.


  2. ashley lewman Says:

    another sichel star. jamie, i am so happy you’re digging your time there. we miss you in princeton square — proud you’re there representing your devoted followers at home. go jamie

  3. Jenn Sichel Says:

    ashley, i taught her everything she knows :o)

  4. Miss Vann Says:


    Don’t worry, we all can’t be “on” all of the time. I am glad that you got a little downtime, but I am sorry you and Matty-Matt were under the weather. Here’s to feeling better and kickin’ some AP butt!

    Study, do well, and keep in touch.


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