May 6-10

Alright – don’t kill me, but I only have half the pictures for this post.

Deal with it.


Classes, classes, yada, yada, yada. To be truthful I don’t remember much of Sunday day. That night we had a Lag BaOmer celebration (aka Israeli Pyromaniac Palooza!). When it was dark out we all went out to the gravel parking lot and built a HUGE bonfire using old wood and…drawers? As the fire burned we pretended to push people in and have epic battles before it – a fun time was had by all. Then Ofir brought out marshmallows, chocolate, and biscuits (they don’t have graham crackers in this country) for us to make s’mores in the GIANT INFERNO that raged before us. Well, being the silly teens we are we braved it. Don’t worry, no one got hurt and I’m pretty sure I didn’t see any balls of fire with arms and legs running around screaming.

The next day you walked outside and you couldn’t see very much – there was smoke everywhere and the smell of smoke filled the air. So much for the rain we had a few days before. Anyway, Monday we had a tiyul for the first time in a very long time. Tibi wasn’t our driver (Tibi is our bus driver and far superior to any other in this country), but it was okay…I guess. We went to Caeseria, which is basically a privately owned city. It’s insanely nice and expensive looking; clean, nice, state-of-the-art. It seemed a little too theme-park like for my tastes. Don’t get me wrong, I love theme parks, but this place had no roller coasters.  The pamphlet looked like something you’d find at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas, actually – a view of the back of some people in lounge chairs on the beach, one of them Spartan soldier. Anyway, we took a tour and spoke to figures from history on these really cool holograph things. It was pretty hot, but overall enjoyable. The tiyul was short, and we were home in time for lunch and afternoon classes. Woo hoo.

In Caesaria in front of the ocean. Group photo!

Tuesday was classes again. AP Statistics got up early to take their AP exam. According to Brandon the exam “went fine.” There you have it! AP Calculus had their very last class ever that day, too. Exciting, no?

Wednesday began for me at 7:00am. I woke up and went to eat, butterflies in my stomach and all – I don’t really know why I was nervous for the silly test; I guess I just was. Anyway, the AP Calculus exam went alright…I guess. I’m not supposed to discuss it or the College Board Police will not only arrest me on the spot but it could also “jeopardize my scores” – something I’m convinced is a euphemism for “murder you in your sleep.” Wait, you didn’t know the College Board is the mafia of the educational world?

That night we had quite the activity planned for us: Girl’s Night In, Boy’s Night Out. The boys went with Ofir to the beach and grilled mass amounts of meat, swam, and played football. How manly, right? The girls went to the supermarket and bought fixings for a huge salad and pasta. Me, Carly, and Becca G went to buy the veggies and fruits while the rest went to the supermarket to get the rest. After we shopped (fruits and veggies are SO CHEAP here), we went back to the dorms and began to prepare an amazing home-cooked meal. Nurit told us to wait and led us into her room. Inside was a white table cloth on the ground and on the couches, and strewn all over the room were candles and rose petals. It was so sweet. We went to the cloth on the floor and on it were aprons with our names on it. Each one had a drawing made with us in mind – mine had fishies (I have no idea how she knew I loved underwater themes), Raelle’s has roses, and Carly’s had stars, for instance. We chopped up the salad fixings, listened to music, and made garlic bread and sauces for the pasta. Carly made a delicious marinara sauce and I made a pretty damn good alfredo sauce, if I do say so myself. We ate until we nearly puked (well, until some of us nearly did, anyway), and for dessert we had…chocolate fondue! We dipped strawberries, bananas, kiwi, green apple, and even cookies into the stuff. It was amazing. Mmm…Girl’s night was quite the success, and definitely made us feel a lot less homesick. It was nice to have a home-cooked meal for once and be comfortable sitting and eating with just a few friends. I now realize how much I miss cooking, though.

The girls in their aprons! Fondue!

Another day meant another AP exam, and this morning (Thursday) I again woke up early to take an exam. This one was AP English Literature, and it went really well. After the test I promptly got up and exclaimed “I’M DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL!” and ran out of the room skipping. You see, this was my last exam. I don’t have any more classes to go to here. Ever. YAY! I’m free! I mean, not that I don’t love school, but it’s just the weirdest feeling to have very little obligation and stress. Plus I suppose I get to start it all over again come this August. But enough about that – most others will finish their high school careers sometime this week, with the last of us done on Monday, when AP Physics and Biology take place.

After the exam we went on a tiyul. At 1:45 we piled on the bus (TIBI WAS BACK! Yay!) and headed for the Druze village. On the way we watched “My Blue Heaven,” a pretty bad movie starring Rick Moranis as an FBI agent whose watching over Steve Martin who’s a mobster in the witness protection program. Anyway, for those of you who don’t know much about the Druze, they are a religious minority here in Israel. There are about 1.5 million Druze worldwide, 200,000 of which live in Israel. The Druze are faithful Israeli citizens, fight in the Israeli army, but practice their own, secret religion. You cannot convert into being a Druze, you must be born into it. If you marry out, you’re excommunicated. The religion, or what we could be told about it from the Druze man we got to speak to, sounds very interesting. They believe in serving the world, and very much respect their family life and religion. People of the Druze faith, whether secular or religious, all respect each other. The religion is monotheistic and is a combination of the other three monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). Anyway, we spoke with a Druze man and learned what we could about the religion, then had some time to walk around and shop in the market. I bought myself a really cool purse and a skirt, while others got tee-shirts, pants, and even dresses for themselves. For dinner we ate d.o.t.s. at a mall, and then we came back here, where I sit down and write.

I’ll write again Monday most likely – we have a tiyul on Sunday to Jerusalem. Woo-hoo!



2 Responses to “May 6-10”

  1. Ellen Sichel Says:

    Nice to have you back posting. I love to read and laugh out loud. Enjoy your freedom from being a student. Love you, Mom

  2. Ann Gilbert Rawn Says:

    Hi Jamie,
    I have been reading your blogs since you got to Israel and have really enjoyed them! You are a very good writer!

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