May 11-15

Ah, our last free weekend and a few tiyulim.

It’s nice to be active again.


This past Friday and Saturday was our last free weekend.  Surprisingly, most of us stayed on campus.  I went for many walks and got to see Spider-Man 3.  I liked it a lot, despite the insane amount of screaming, popcorn throwing children in the theater.

After our weekend we had a tiyul.  We woke up early Sunday, had core class, then headed to the old city of Jerusalem.  Before we arrived at our destination, we again stopped at the begallah stand to purchase some oh-so-fresh-and-delicious pitas.  Yum.  While munching on our breakfast, we walked to the Beit Ziebenberg museum.  This museum is unique in that it’s the basement of someone’s house.  The Ziebenbergs decided to excavate under their home over 30 years ago in order to find artifacts from ancient times.  They were successful in their excavation, finding pillars, arrowheads, pots, and even a gun from the Independence War.  We watched a presentation and got a tour of the museum then headed to some old Sephardi synagogues, one of which claimed to be host to Elijah on one occasion.  On the way we passed some kids practicing for Yom Yerushalayim – they were doing a fun dance with Israeli flags, waving them in a certain order, going in circles and lines, all while being screamed at by their teacher.

Amanda and Brandon enjoying their pita things. In the museum.

We soon left the old city and arrived at Emek Refaim street.  There was much jewlery shopping to be had (I bought to awesome necklaces) as well as some good eats.  Emek Refaim is the location of Norman’s, home of the Sumo Burger.  The Sumo Burger is a 1 kilo patty on top of a giant bun.  Only one of our crew was man enough for the challenge, and that was Brandon.  Yes, he was able to eat the entire 2.2 pound burger.  He got a t-shirt to prove it.  Our next stop was Ammunition Hill.  Yossi told us stories of the battle that took place there, taught us how trench warfare works, and revealed to us the story behind many of the pictures in their museum.  We all got some nap time in, too, during the film they showed us at the museum.  Hey, it was a productive use of time, trust me!

Brandon and his SUMO BURGER. Mwahaha!

The next day was classes for those who were still in school (Ha ha!).  AP Biology and Physics students took their AP exams, which, as far as I know, went well.  That night our madrichim threw us a small celebration.  They called us up for our regular 10:30pm meeting and told us to wait.  We waited impatiently for Ofir to return, and when he did he was with Nurit and bearing a cake.  They sang “happy done with high school to you! Happy done with high school to youuu!” and even included sparklers.  I love our madrichim.

With the entire grade in a pretty good mood we headed to bed.  They had managed to plan a last-minute tiyul for us on Yom Yerushalayim – yay!   We woke up this morning and had core class at 9:00am.  After core we got on the bus and drove to Yaffo.  We shopped at the shuk (market), bargained a whole lot, and made some pretty interesting purchases.  I hear tell that Amanda was one of the star bargainers, but I think everyone did pretty well.  After the market Yossi took us to the tayelet – the Tel Aviv beach!  There we ate, tanned, swam, and even wrestled.  The day was so fun and tiring that I’m on the verge of sleep as I write this – hence why it’s a bit more boring than usual.

Getting some sun on the beach. Smile!

Tomorrow we head off to Eilat until Monday.  Our tiyul will be full of rock-repelling, dune buggies, snorkeling, and camel riding.  Keep an eye out for a fun post coming Monday or Tuesday!

Till then.



3 Responses to “May 11-15”

  1. Barry Says:


    Oh, and warn my boys: camel riding hurts. A lot. And camels are very tall. And very smelly. And very frightening up close. They will pee and poo while you ride them, and will very likely spit.

    Have fun!

  2. Dana Huff Says:

    Jamie, that is a really cool picture of Jacob. I am so relieved to see that Eli is still with you all — I hadn’t seen him in a picture in a while. Now, where are Jeremy and Joel?

    I have been strangely misty-eyed and weepy this week thinking about you all graduating. I hope you will come and visit me.

  3. Miss Vann Says:


    A big fat Miss Vann “YEAH!” on finishing up with the APs. I also found your writing on the Druze fascinatin’. It is a great big ol’ world out there, so many interesting folks and ways to learn and know.

    So much to tell you all when you return. I miss you!!! Did you get my e-mail about your painting? Tell me!!


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